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United States Patent 5,215,841
Scharfe, et. al.Jun. 1, 1993

Electrophotographic imaging member with overcoatings containing fullerenes

Inventors: Scharfe; Merlin E. (Penfield, NY); Ziolo; Ronald F. (Webster, NY); Mammino; Joseph (Penfield, NY); Sypula; Donald S. (Penfield, NY).
Assignee: Xerox Corporation (Stamford, CT).
Appl. No.: 814,548
Filed: Dec. 30, 1991

Intl. Cl.:G03G 5/047;
U.S. Cl.:430/59.; 430/58.;
Field of Search:58;59;66;900

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Primary Examiner: Martin; Roland


An electrophotographic imaging system utilizing a member comprising at least one photoconductive layer and an overcoating layer comprising a film forming continuous phase comprising charge transport molecules and charge injection enabling sites comprising finely divided fullerene particles, the insulating overcoating layer being substantially transparent to activating radiation to which the photoconductive layer is sensitive and substantially electrically insulating at low electrical fields.

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