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United States Patent 5,227,038
Smalley, et. al.Jul. 13, 1993

Electric arc process for making fullerenes

Inventors: Smalley; Richard E. (Houston, TX); Haufler; Robert E. (Houston, TX).
Assignee: William Marsh Rice University (Houston, TX).
Appl. No.: 771,741
Filed: Oct. 4, 1991

Intl. Cl.:C01B 31/00;
U.S. Cl.:204/173.; 423/445.;
Field of Search:446;445;445 B;460

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Lewis; Michael L.
Assistant Examiner: Kalinchak; Stephen G.


This invention provides a method of generating fullerenes by vaporizing carbon with the heat from an electrical arc and then condensing a soot from which fullerenes may be recovered.

19 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures

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