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United States Patent 5,232,810
ZioloAug. 3, 1993

Toner composition comprising fullerene

Inventors: Ziolo; Ronald F. (Webster, NY).
Assignee: Xerox Corporation (Stamford, CT).
Appl. No.: 961,984
Filed: Oct. 16, 1992

Intl. Cl.:G03G 9/097;
U.S. Cl.:430/110.; 430/106.;
Field of Search:110;109;106

References Cited

U.S. Patent Documents
5,114,477May, 1992Mort et al. 106/ 20 R

Primary Examiner: McCamish; Marion E.
Assistant Examiner: Ashton; Rosemary


A toner composition comprised of resin particles and pigment particles comprised of a fullerene or fullerenes.

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