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United States Patent 5,234,475
Malhotra, et. al.Aug. 10, 1993

Hydrocarbon fuels having one or more fullerenes therein as indentification media

Inventors: Malhotra; Ripudaman (San Carlos, CA); Lorents; Donald C. (Palo Alto, CA); Bae; Young K. (Fremont, CA).
Assignee: SRI International (Menlo Park, CA).
Appl. No.: 745,035
Filed: Aug. 14, 1991

Intl. Cl.:C10L 1/00; C10L 1/10;
U.S. Cl.: 44/282.; 44/281.;
Field of Search:281;282

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Howard; Jacqueline V.


A hydrocarbon fuel is provided with one or more fullerene additives such as, for example, C60, C70, C74, C76, C78, C82, and C84 fullerenes, to serve as an identifying means for the fuel. The particular fullerene additive or additives may varying from the fullerene additive or additives in other fuels both by type as well as by amount or concentration present in the fuel. Thus, for example, if 7 different fullerenes are used in combinations of 1, 2, or 3 fullerenes, and in 5 different concentration amounts, there exists a possibility of as many as 4,935 different combinations of fuels which may all be separately identified by the presence of such combinations of fullerenes therein.

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