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United States Patent 5,270,394
HoxmeierDec. 14, 1993

Anionically polymerized polymers coupled with fullerenes

Inventors: Hoxmeier; Ronald J. (Houston, TX).
Assignee: Shell Oil Company (Houston, TX).
Appl. No.: 956,184
Filed: Oct. 5, 1992

Intl. Cl.:C08F 297/04;
U.S. Cl.:525/232.; 525/314.;
Field of Search:63;314;232;332.5;333.3;333.2

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Seidleck; James J.
Assistant Examiner: Delaney; Patrick R.


A process is described for producing a coupled polymer by anionically polymerizing monomers selected from the group consisting of a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon, a conjugated diene or both with an organo alkali metal compound to produce living polymer arms which are then contacted with a fullerene which reacts with the living polymer arms to form a coupled polymer. The coupled polymer has a novel composition and novel characteristics.

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