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United States Patent 5,277,996
Marchetti, et. al.Jan. 11, 1994

Fuel cell electrode and method for producing same

Inventors: Marchetti; George A. (5726 Grand Ave., Wester Springs, IL 60558); Loewe; William R. (156 Nottingham, Bolingbrook, IL 60440).
Appl. No.: 907,969
Filed: Jul. 2, 1992

Intl. Cl.:H01M 4/99; H01M 4/96;
U.S. Cl.:429/44.; 429/30.;
Field of Search:44;30;40;12

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Primary Examiner: Maples; John S.


An improved fuel cell electrode and method for construction is disclosed wherein the electrodes are formed from adjacent layers of a porous substrate material such as carbon, and C(60) carbon molecules or fullerenes. The C(60) carbon molecules are arranged in face centered cubes and bind platinum atoms interspaced in the interstices of the cubes and on the C(60) molecules to form a Pt/C(60) layer. Lattices of platinum atoms are anchored to the individual platinum atoms of the Pt/C(60) molecular layer to form a catalyst layer only several molecules thick. The resulting platinum atoms of the catalyst layer have a much greater surface area in contact with the electrolyte due to the chaotic surface area of the catalyst layer. The platinum atoms of that layer act as a catalyst for the fuel cell reaction.

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