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United States Patent 5,281,653
Thomann, et. al.Jan. 25, 1994

Fullerene-polymer compositions

Inventors: Thomann; Hans (Bedminster, NJ); Brant; Patrick (Seabrook, TX); Dismukes; John P. (Annandale, NJ); Lohse; David J. (Bridgewater, NJ); Hwang; Jyi-Faa (Bethlehem, PA); Kresge; Edward N. (Watchung, NJ).
Assignee: Exxon Research and Engineering Company (Florham Park, NJ).
Appl. No.: 797,525
Filed: Nov. 25, 1991

Intl. Cl.:C08K 5/01;
U.S. Cl.:524/490.; 524/495.;
Field of Search:490;495;496

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Michl; Paul R.
Assistant Examiner: Cain; Edward


The present invention relates to novel compositions of matter comprising fullerenes and polymers, wherein the fullerenes are combined with the polymer in an amount sufficient to result in a change or modification in the viscoelastic properties of the resulting composition from that of the unmodified polymer typically within the range of from about 0.01 wt. % to about 85 wt. %. Also included in the present invention is the process for making the novel fullerene-polymer compositions and the products produced by the process disclosed therein. The novel compositions show changes in the viscoelastic properties in comparison to the unmodified polymer, and hence, have utility in any application in which the unmodified polymer may be used, but wherein the application would benefit from the resulting change in the viscoelastic properties.

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