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United States Patent 5,288,342
JobFeb. 22, 1994

Solid metal-carbon matrix of metallofullerites and method of forming same

Inventors: Job; Robert C. (4215 Kuykendall Rd., Charlotte, NC 28270).
Appl. No.: 816,636
Filed: Dec. 31, 1991

Intl. Cl.:C21D 6/00; C22C 38/00;
U.S. Cl.:148/320.; 420/129.;
Field of Search:538;540-543;320

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Yee; Deborah


A metallic solid comprising an metal-carbon matrix of an allotropic metal and metallofullerites of the allotropic metal is disclosed, along with an associated method of forming the solid by interrupting and temporarily holding a metal-carbon melt at the point through the cooling curve at which the solidifying metal passes through the allotropic transformation stage for the metal defined by the overall proportion of allotropic metal and carbon in the melt.

20 Claims, 52 Drawing Figures

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