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United States Patent 5,294,600
Tanigaki, et. al.Mar. 15, 1994

Superconducting material comprising Rb.sub.x Cs.sub.y C.sub.60.

Inventors: Tanigaki; Katsumi (Tokyo, JPX); Ebbesen; Thomas (Tokyo, JPX); Kuroshima; Sadanori (Tokyo, JPX); Mizuki; Junichiro (Tokyo, JPX).
Assignee: NEC Corporation (Tokyo, JPX).
Appl. No.: 907,627
Filed: Jul. 2, 1992

Foreign Application Priority Data
Jul. 3, 1991 [JPX]3-163058
Jul. 3, 1991 [JPX]3-163059

Intl. Cl.:C01B 31/00; H01L 39/12;
U.S. Cl.:505/1.; 252/500.;
Field of Search:1;800;775

References Cited

U.S. Patent Documents
5,223,479Jun., 1993McCauley 505/775

Other References

Primary Examiner: Lieberman; Paul
Assistant Examiner: Boyd; John


A superconducting material higher in superconducting transition temperature and superconducting volume ratio than any conventional one is provided, which comprises a fullerene doped with rubidium and cesium. This fullerene system superconducting material makes it possible to improve both the superconducting transition temperature and superconducting volume ratio by having rubidium and cesium doped thereinto compared with any conventional fullerene systems. If the chemical composition of this super conducting material is expressed as Rb(x) Cs(y) C(n), x and y are arbitrary if an equation x+y=3 is satisfied, preferable to be x=2 and y=1, further preferable to be x=1 and y=s. The superconducting transition temperature Tc and superconducting volume ratio when x=1 and y=2 or x=2 and y=1 are superior to those when x=3 and y=0 or x=0 and y=3, respectively.

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