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United States Patent 5,296,536
BartholomewMar. 22, 1994

Polymer based articles having increased structural rigidity

Inventors: Bartholomew; Donald D. (Mt. Clemens, MI).
Assignee: Proprietary Technology, Inc. (Southfield, MI).
Appl. No.: 761,502
Filed: Sept. 18, 1991

Intl. Cl.:C08K 3/04;
U.S. Cl.:524/495.; 524/490.;
Field of Search:490;495;496

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Primary Examiner: Michl; Paul R.
Assistant Examiner: Cain; Edward


The present invention relates to a product for structurally supporting polymer chains comprising fullerene molecules mixed with a polymer mass wherein the fullerene molecules have a relatively large bend radius over which the polymer chains contained therein can be deformably flexed.

13 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures

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