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United States Patent 5,302,681
McClainApr. 12, 1994

Polymerization inhibition by fullerenes

Inventors: McClain; Robert D. (Houston, TX).
Assignee: Nalco Chemical Company (Naperville, IL).
Appl. No.: 989,933
Filed: Dec. 10, 1992

Intl. Cl.:C08F 36/08; C08F 12/08; C07C 7/20;
U.S. Cl.:526/340.2; 526/346.;
Field of Search:89;340.2;346

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Primary Examiner: Schofer; Joseph L.
Assistant Examiner: Nagumo; Mark


The premature free-radical polymerization of a non-linear, readily polymerizable organic monomer under conditions where the monomer would otherwise polymerize is inhibited by incorporating within the non-linear, readily polymerizable monomer a polymerization inhibiting amount of a fullerene or a derivative thereof.

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