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United States Patent 5,308,481
Stalling, et. al.May 3, 1994

Chemically bound fullerenes to resin and silica supports and their use as stationary phases for chromatography

Inventors: Stalling; David L. (Columbia, MO); Guo; Congyuan (Columbia, MO); Kuo; Kenneth C. (Columbia, MO); Kelly; Kevin P. (Columbia, MO); Saim; Said (Columbia, MO).
Assignee: Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories, Inc. (Columbia, MO).
Appl. No.: 892,307
Filed: Jun. 2, 1992

Intl. Cl.:B01D 15/08;
U.S. Cl.:210/198.2; 210/502.1;
Field of Search:635;656;198.2;502.1

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Therkorn; Ernest G.


The present invention relates to buckminsterfullerenes or related condensed carbon molecules covalently bonded to a polymer particle or a siliceous support particle and their use for packing media for column chromatography.

13 Claims, 28 Drawing Figures

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