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United States Patent 5,310,669
Richmond, et. al.May 10, 1994

Fullerene coated surfaces and uses thereof

Inventors: Richmond; Robert C. (Etna, NH); Gibson; Ursula J. (West Lebanon, NH).
Assignee: The Trustees of Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH).
Appl. No.: 901,911
Filed: Jun. 22, 1992

Intl. Cl.:C12M 3/00; C12N 5/00; C12N 11/00; C12N 11/02;
U.S. Cl.:435/177.; 435/174.;
Field of Search:174;177;180;181;240.1;240.2;240.23;240.241;240.243;240.242;284;285

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Warden; Robert J.
Assistant Examiner: Crawford; L. M.


Substrates having a surface coated with fullerene and a substance attached thereto are disclosed. Cell culture substrates having a fullerene-coated surface are useful in methods of growing cells on the fullerene-coated surface. Methods of preparing cell culture substrates for cell attachment and growth by coating a surface with fullerene are provided. Cells can be grown on a fullerene-coated surface in the presence of a substance such as a cytokine, growth hormone or a drug, to evaluate the interaction between the substance and the cells. Methods for increasing cell membrane premability and for introducing a substance, such as a DNA or RNA vector, into a cell are also provided.

16 Claims, 9 Drawing Figures

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