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United States Patent 5,316,636
Bunshah, et. al.May 31, 1994

Production of fullerenes by electron beam evaporation

Inventors: Bunshah; Rointan F. (Playa del Rey, CA); Jou; Shyankay (Santa Monica, CA); Prakash; Shiva (Santa Barbara, CA); Doerr; Hans J. (Westlake Village, CA).
Assignee: The Regents of the University of California (Oakland, CA).
Appl. No.: 928,994
Filed: Aug. 12, 1992

Intl. Cl.:C06B 31/00;
U.S. Cl.:204/157.47; 423/445.B;
Field of Search:445 B

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Foreign Patent Documents
WO9204279Mar., 1992WOX

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Primary Examiner: Lewis; Michael
Assistant Examiner: Kalinchak; Stephen G.


A process and system for producing fullerenes by electron beam evaporation of a carbon target in a vacuum. A carbon target is evaporated by an electron beam in a vacuum to form a flux of carbon atoms or clusters. The evaporated carbon atoms or clusters are deposited onto collection substrates which are electrically charged and heated or neutral and chilled. The resulting carbon soot is extracted to recover fullerenes. The process produces carbon soot which is rich in C(70) and higher fullerenes.

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