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United States Patent 5,334,351
Heinze, et. al.Aug. 2, 1994

Sensor for detecting analytes in a fluid medium

Inventors: Heinze; Jurgen (Freiburg, DEX); Synowczyk; Andreas W. (Bad Krozingen, DEX).
Assignee: Dragerwerk Aktiengesellschaft (Lubeck, DEX).
Appl. No.: 081,127
Filed: Jun. 25, 1993

Foreign Application Priority Data
Jun. 27, 1992 [DEX]4221233
Dec. 10, 1992 [DEX]4241438

Intl. Cl.:G01N 27/00; G01N 31/00;
U.S. Cl.:422/90.; 422/98.;
Field of Search:82.02;82.01;90;98

References Cited

Foreign Patent Documents
0398286Nov., 1990EPX
4114536Nov., 1991DEX

Other References

Primary Examiner: Warden; Robert J.
Assistant Examiner: Carpenter; Robert


A sensor detects analytes in a fluid medium by measuring the conductivity of a layer on a carrier with the layer contacting an electrode pair. The layer interacts with the analyte and is improved in that the sensor has a long-term stability and the indication provided by the sensor is completely reversible. The layer is a fullerene layer.

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