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United States Patent 5,348,936
McCauley, Jr., et. al.Sept. 20, 1994

Metal-doped fullerenes and synthetic methods therefor

Inventors: McCauley, Jr.; John P. (Folscroft, PA); Zhu; Qing (Philadelphia, PA); Vaughan; Gavin (Philadelphia, PA); Coustel; Nicole (Philadelphia, PA).
Assignee: The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA).
Appl. No.: 048,651
Filed: Apr. 16, 1993

Intl. Cl.:H01L 39/24; H01L 39/12; C01B 31/00;
U.S. Cl.:505/460.; 505/725.;
Field of Search:1;725;775;810;815

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Primary Examiner: Lieberman; Paul
Assistant Examiner: Kopec; M.


Superconducting, metal-doped fullerenes are provided, along with processes for their preparation in relatively high stoichiometric purity. In one embodiment, the processes provide fullerenes of the formula M(x) C(q), where M is a metal, x is greater than 0 but less than about 10, and q is at least 60. The processes comprise contacting C(q) with metal in an amount and under reaction conditions effective to produce a compound having the formula M(y) C(q), and contacting said M(y) C(q) with a portion of C(q) in an amount and under reaction conditions effective to produce said M(x) C(q), wherein y is greater than x.

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Certain of the inventors have been supported by National Science Foundation MRL Program grant DMR 88-19885.

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