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United States Patent 5,356,872
Eidelloth, deceased, et. al.Oct. 18, 1994

"Method of making high Tc superconducting thin films with fullerenes by evaporation"

Inventors: Eidelloth, deceased; Walter (late of Yorktown, NY); Busch, legal representative; James T. (Arlington, VA); Gambino; Richard J. (Yorktown Heights, NY); Ruoff; Rodney (Menlo Park, CA); Tesche; Claudia D. (Helsinki, FIX).
Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy (Washington, DC).
Appl. No.: 215,778
Filed: Mar. 17, 1994

Intl. Cl.:B05D 3/06; B05D 5/12; C23C 14/00;
U.S. Cl.:505/474.; 505/473.;
Field of Search:473;474;785;730;732

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Other References

Primary Examiner: King; Roy V.


An evaporation method of producing a new high Tc superconducting material using fullerene molecules as artificial pinning sites for any magnetic flux that may enter the material.

5 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures

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