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United States Patent 5,361,148
Bjorklund, et. al.Nov. 1, 1994

Apparatus for photorefractive two beam coupling

Inventors: Bjorklund; Gary C. (Los Altos, CA); Burland; Donald M. (San Jose, CA); Donckers; Marcus C. J. M. (ES Leiden, NLX); Miller; Robert D. (San Jose, CA); Moerner; William E. (San Jose, CA); Silence; Scott M. (Fremont, CA); Twieg; Robert J. (San Jose, CA); Walsh; Cecilia A. (San Jose, CA).
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY).
Appl. No.: 006,450
Filed: Jan. 21, 1993

Intl. Cl.:G03H 1/02;
U.S. Cl.:359/4.; 359/3.;
Field of Search:3;4;7;34

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Primary Examiner: Ben; Loha
Assistant Examiner: Papalas; Michael A.


The present invention relates to an improved process for producing photorefractive net gain two beam coupling utilizing polymeric materials.

4 Claims, No Drawings

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