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United States Patent 5,367,051
Narang, et. al.Nov. 22, 1994

Amine-containing polymerizable monomers and polymers functionalized with fullerenes to provide polymers with high temperature stability

Inventors: Narang; Subhash C. (Redwood City, CA); Ventura; Susanna C. (Mountain View, CA); Ganapathiappan; Sivapackia (Mountain View, CA); Bhardwaj; Tilak R. (Chandigarh, INX); Nigam; Asutosh (Fremont, CA).
Assignee: SRI International (Menlo Park, CA).
Appl. No.: 096,045
Filed: Jul. 22, 1993

Intl. Cl.:C08G 73/00;
U.S. Cl.:528/424.; 528/422.;
Field of Search:424;422

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Foelak; Morton
Assistant Examiner: Hampton-Hightower; P.


Fullerene-functionalized amine-containing polymers and polymerizable monomers are disclosed characterized by high temperature stability, i.e., capable of withstanding a temperature of at least about 300 deg. C., and in some instances as high as 650 deg. C., when in polymerized form. The fullerene groups are bonded to the polymers through the amine groups on the polymer. In some instances enhanced mechanical properties also result and, in the case of cross-linked polymers, a composite can be formed from such materials which is structurally reinforced at the molecular level, with the fullerene groups acting as the molecular level structural reinforcement.

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