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United States Patent 5,370,855
GruenDec. 6, 1994

Conversion of fullerenes to diamond

Inventors: Gruen; Dieter M. (1324 59th St., Downers Grove, IL 60515).
Appl. No.: 035,419
Filed: Mar. 23, 1993

Intl. Cl.:C01B 31/06;
U.S. Cl.:423/446.; 204/157.47;
Field of Search:37;38;249;523

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Other References

Primary Examiner: Lewis; Michael
Assistant Examiner: Kalinchak; Stephen G.


A method of forming synthetic hydrogen defect free diamond or diamond like films on a substrate. The method involves providing vapor containing fullerene molecules with or without an inert gas, providing a device to impart energy to the fullerene molecules, fragmenting at least in part some of the fullerene molecules in the vapor or energizing the molecules to incipient fragmentation, ionizing the fullerene molecules, impinging ionized fullerene molecules on the substrate to assist in causing fullerene fragmentation to obtain a thickness of diamond on the substrate.

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