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United States Patent 5,380,595
Ueba, et. al.Jan. 10, 1995

Carbon cluster film having electrical conductivity and method of preparing the same

Inventors: Ueba; Yoshinobu (Osaka, JPX); Okuda; Nobuyuki (Osaka, JPX); Ohkura; Kengo (Osaka, JPX); Kugai; Hirokazu (Osaka, JPX).
Assignee: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (Osaka, JPX).
Appl. No.: 963,826
Filed: Oct. 20, 1992

Foreign Application Priority Data
Oct. 25, 1991 [JPX]3-279794

Intl. Cl.:H01B 1/04;
U.S. Cl.:428/408.; 423/446.;
Field of Search:408

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Primary Examiner: Turner; A. A.


A carbon cluster film has a precisely controlled stable electrical conductivity which does not deteriorate in a short period of time in air. Such a carbon cluster film having a stable electrical conductivity is formed by introducing an impurity into a thin film of fullerenes by ion implantation. The fullerenes include C(60), C(70) or the like.

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