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United States Patent 5,382,718
Bekiarian, et. al.Jan. 17, 1995

Cyclofluoroalkylated fullerene compounds

Inventors: Bekiarian; Paul G. (Wilmington, DE); Fagan; Paul J. (Wilmington, DE); Krusic; Paul J. (Wilmington, DE).
Assignee: E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, DE).
Appl. No.: 122,118
Filed: Sept. 16, 1993

Intl. Cl.:C07C 17/24; C07C 17/28; C07C 17/32; C07C 22/08;
U.S. Cl.:570/129.; 558/388.;
Field of Search:129

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Primary Examiner: Evans; Joseph E.


Mixtures of cyclofluoroalkylated fullerenes are provided by the thermal 2+2 cycloaddition of fluoroalkenes to a solution or slurry of a fullerene. The cyclofluoroalkylated fullerene mixtures are useful as lubricants or additives to lubricants; in fluorocarbon and/or chlorofluorocarbon based cooling systems; in adhesives for fluorocarbon based polymers and in gas separation membranes.

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