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United States Patent 5,386,048
West, et. al.Jan. 31, 1995

Hydrosilylation of fullerenes

Inventors: West; Robert C. (Madison, WI); Oka; Kunio (Osaka, JPX).
Assignee: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Madison, WI).
Appl. No.: 157,002
Filed: Nov. 24, 1993
PCT Filed: Feb. 26, 1993
PCT No: PCT/US93/01762
371 Date: Nov. 24, 1993
102(e) Date: Nov. 24, 1993
PCT Pub. No.: WO94/19300
PCT Pub. Date: Sept. 1, 1994

Intl. Cl.:C07F 7/08; C07F 7/18;
U.S. Cl.:556/430.; 556/432.;
Field of Search:430;432;435;452;453;457;465;479;482;489

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Primary Examiner: Shaver; Paul F.


The invention provides silicon substituted fullerene compounds. The compounds can form polymers or wrapped fullerenes. The compounds may be made by reacting an organo-silicon compound with a fullerene in the presence of a catalyst by a hydrosilylation reaction.

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