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United States Patent 5,395,589
NacsonMar. 7, 1995

Apparatus for rapid and specific detection of organic vapors

Inventors: Nacson; Sabatino (Willowdale, CAX).
Assignee: Scintrex Limited (Concord, CAX).
Appl. No.: 224,143
Filed: Apr. 7, 1994

Foreign Application Priority Data
Apr. 6, 1994 [CAX]2120682

Intl. Cl.:G01N 30/00;
U.S. Cl.:422/88.; 422/52.;
Field of Search:52;83;88;90;98

References Cited

U.S. Patent Documents
5,308,481May, 1994Stalling et al. 210/198 .2

Other References

Primary Examiner: Housel; James C.
Assistant Examiner: Ludlow; Jan M.


Apparatus for preconcentrating trace amounts of organic vapors in a sample of air for subsequent detection, comprising a metallic substrate; a thin film of fullerenes deposited on the metallic substrate for adsorbing the organic vapors on the thin film of fullerenes, thereby preconcentrating the organic vapors; and apparatus for heating the metallic substrate to a predetermined optimum temperature for desorbing the vapors from the thin film of fullerenes to form desorbed organic vapors for subsequent detection.

12 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures

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