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United States Patent 5,401,975
Ihara, et. al.Mar. 28, 1995

Method for constructing a carbon molecule and structures of carbon molecules

Inventors: Ihara; Sigeo (Tokorozawa, JPX); Itoh; Satoshi (Kodaira, JPX).
Assignee: Hitachi, Ltd. (Tokyo, JPX).
Appl. No.: 105,039
Filed: Aug. 11, 1993

Foreign Application Priority Data
Aug. 20, 1992 [JPX]4-221238

Intl. Cl.:G21G 5/00;
U.S. Cl.:250/492.3;
Field of Search:492.3;492.1;306;307

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Primary Examiner: Dzierzynski; Paul M.
Assistant Examiner: Nguyen; Kiet T.


Carbon atoms are arranged stably in the form of a torus or in the form of a helical coil to give novel topological properties to the carbon atoms to thereby provide various functions of carbon molecules. A plurality of sixfold rings each including six carbon atoms are arranged in the form of a torus, and then these sixfold rings are partially replaced by fivefold and sevenfold rings to obtain a stable structure. That is, a part of the outer wall surface of a torus constituted by a plurality of sixfold rings and a part of the inner wall surface of the torus are replaced by fivefold rings and sevenfold rings respectively to obtain a stable structure. Further, a molecule in which carbon atoms are arranged to form a toroidal or helically-coiled stable structure or a cluster in which a plurality of such molecules are arranged spatially is constructed by using an STM. Further, a micro part or device using the hole of the torus/helical coil and the inside of the ring thereof is formed by combining a plurality of such molecules/clusters.

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