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United States Patent 5,420,371
Malhotra, et. al.May 30, 1995

Hydrocarbon processing using fullerene catalysts

Inventors: Malhotra; Ripudaman (San Carlos, CA); Tse; Doris S. (San Jose, CA); McMillen; Donald F. (Menlo Park, CA).
Assignee: SRI International (Menlo Park, CA).
Appl. No.: 210,884
Filed: Mar. 18, 1994

Intl. Cl.:C07C 5/03; C07C 5/10;
U.S. Cl.:585/266.; 585/250.;
Field of Search:250;266;268;259

References Cited

U.S. Patent Documents
5,302,681Apr., 1994McClain 526/340 .2

Other References

Primary Examiner: Pal; Asok
Assistant Examiner: Yildirim; Bekir L.


A process is described for carrying out the dehydrogenation or hydrogenation, including hydrogenolysis, of a hydrocarbon in the presence of one or more soluble fullerene catalysts which have been dissolved in the hydrocarbon (when the hydrocarbon is a liquid capable of dissolving the fullerene catalyst) or dissolved in a solvent which is also a solvent for the hydrocarbon (when the hydrocarbon either is not a liquid or is not a liquid which is a solvent for the fullerene catalyst). The use of a liquid catalyst, i.e., a dissolved fullerene catalyst, inhibits coking reactions to thereby inhibit formation of coke on a solid catalyst or catalyst support by elimination of nucleation points or growth regions for such coke formation.

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