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United States Patent 5,453,413
EklundSept. 26, 1995

Phototransformation of fullerenes

Inventors: Eklund; Peter C. (Georgetown, KY).
Assignee: Nanotechnologies, Inc. (Lexington, KY).
Appl. No.: 073,533
Filed: Jun. 8, 1993
Intl. Cl.:B01J 20/20
U.S. Cl.:502/416; 423/445.B; 252/186.1; 252/183.14
Field of Search:423/445 B, DIG. 39, 415.1; 252/186.1, 183.14; 502/416, 437

References Cited

Foreign Patent Documents
94-22573Oct., 1994WO 502/416

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Primary Examiner: Straub; Gary P.
Assistant Examiner: DiMauro; Peter
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Fish & Richardson


Compounds consisting of two or more fullerenes (e.g., a C(60) dimer) and a film or powder which includes covalently linked fullerene molecules. Also disclosed is a fullerene film or powder with gas molecules or atoms uniformly disposed therein, as well as a method of diffusing gas molecules or atoms into or through a film or powder made of pristine fullerene molecules.

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