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United States Patent 5,454,961
Schriver, et. al.Oct. 3, 1995

Substituted fullerenes as flow improvers

Inventors: Schriver; George W. (Somverville, NJ); Patil; Abhimanyu O. (Westfield, NJ); Martella; David J. (Princeton, NJ); Lewtas; Kenneth (Westfield, NJ).
Assignee: Exxon Research & Engineering Co. (Florham Park, NJ).
Appl. No.: 229,499
Filed: Apr. 19, 1994
Intl. Cl.:C10M 127/00
U.S. Cl.:252/ 9; 585/ 14; 252/ 45; 252/ 50; 252/ 52.R
Field of Search:252/9, 45, 50, 52 R; 585/14

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Primary Examiner: Howard; Jacqueline V.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Scourzo; Linda M.


The present invention relates to novel compositions that contain a base oil and certain substituted fullerenes effective to improve the cold flow properties of the base oil. Typically the substituted fullerenes have the general formula:

In the formula C(Fn) is a fullerene or mixture of fullerenes, n is the number of carbon atoms in the fullerene, x is an integer from 1 up to the maximum number of sites on the fullerene molecule available for adding substituent groups, G is a linking group that may be absent or present, and when present is an oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, phenol, aniline, Mannich base or diazocarboxylate-derived group, y is an integer determined by the identity of G and equals 1 when G is absent or when present and selected from the group consisting of oxygen, sulfur and diazocarboxylate-derived linking groups, and equals 1 or 2 when G is a phenol or aniline linking group, and equals 2 when G is a nitrogen linking group, and when y equals 1 R is a substituted or unsubstituted hydrocarbyl group and when y equals 2 at most one R may be hydrogen while the remainder are hydrocarbyl groups, and the R group may be the same or different, and wherein when x is greater than 1 the GR(y) may be the same or different and at most one R may be hydrogen. Preferred are substituted fullerenes that are alkylamino-substituted fullerenes. The compositions are useful as flow-improvers properties.

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