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United States Patent 5,458,742
Mueller, et. al.Oct. 17, 1995

Isolation of fullerenes

Inventors: Mueller; Wolfgang (Wiesbaden, DE); Wirth; Uwe (Mainhausen, DE); Semel; Joachim (Eppstein/Ts., DE).
Assignee: Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft (Frankfurt, DE).
Appl. No.: 057,124
Filed: May 4, 1993

Foreign Application Priority Data
May 6, 1992 [DE]42 14 980.0
Intl. Cl.:B01D 3/00
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Primary Examiner: Manoharan; Virginia
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Curtis, Morris & Safford


In isolating fullerenes from fullerene-containing soot the soot is heated by using microwaves to from 300 deg. to 800 deg. C. and the evaporating fullerenes are condensed.

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