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United States Patent 5,470,680
Loutfy, et. al.Nov. 28, 1995

Electrochemical fullerene system

Inventors: Loutfy; Raouf O. (Tucson, AZ); Withers; James C. (Tucson, AZ).
Assignee: Materials and Electrochemical Research Corp. (Tucson, AZ).
Appl. No.: 034,354
Filed: Mar. 19, 1993
Intl. Cl.:H01M 4/58
U.S. Cl.:429/218; 429/ 27; 423/439; 205/ 57; 252/504; 204/280
Field of Search:204/73 R, 280; 429/27, 213, 218; 205/57, 58; 423/439; 252/502, 504

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U.S. Patent Documents
5,223,479Jun., 1993McCauley et al. 423/439 X

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Primary Examiner: Kalafut; Stephen
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Ogram & Teplitz


An electrochemical cell comprising a body of proton donor electrolyte in effective contact with first and second electrodes one of which consists essentially of a fullerene in contact with a conductive material. By the application of an electric current across the electrodes the cell can be used to hydrogenate the fullerene, thereby storing hydrogen and electric energy.

88 Claims, 14 Drawing Figures

This invention was made with Government support under U.S. Dept. of Defense, Contract No. F 29601-92-C-0039 awarded by the United States Air Force. The Government has certain rights in the invention.

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